Pre-mature Life Crisis.

Wednesday 4th April 2018, 12:50pm

It’s early in the afternoon and the weather, for a change, is holding up. The sun’s rays prod at the fluffy masses of languidly floating clouds, and a breeze dances through the gap in the open window. My agenda for the day: finding a new job. For the past six years I have worked in retail. Dealing with customers, maintaining standards, working my way up to become a store manager, hating it and quitting – to find myself positioned at another retail store. The cycle of life(?) or the cycle of retail. It’s a colossal machine, who’s familiarity sucks one back, time and time again and this false sense of belonging is probably (as well as life being life; throwing countless obstacles in the way) what restricts people, preventing them from finding the courage to search for something new. Honestly, I have probably met around 5 people in these six years that have actually enjoyed their jobs. It’s so demoralizing to work, day in and day out with people who invest so much of their time hating their job that it turns the air sour and every shift becomes more and more unbearable because of this seed of negativity they’ve planted. This is, unfortunately, the person I have become – and it is with every regret that I say it.

So, this morning, after pushing myself to the edge, I began to search for something new. Nothing in life is easy – especially if you want it so bad, but, the intermediate nature of finding a job that doesn’t require years of experience or a higher education qualification is almost mythical. I ponder on the subject for some hours. I reflect in the shower, doing the dishes and other mundane chores: ‘do I have to get a degree?’ – 43% of me says yes. This percentage is composed of the rose-tinted view I have of fashion students, the fact that I would actually have a degree and the aspiration of (possibly) having a high(er) paid job at the end of it. As for the other 57% of me that dwells in doubt, I cannot argue. The other 57% of me is the fighter who is defiant that I will fall into an unexpected path; a road to the successful unknown.

If there’s anybody out there that could share some advice with me, I would forever be indebted because this is a really weird stage in my life where I want to be going somewhere but I’m stuck in the realms of my own self-doubt and restrictions.

Chloe XO ✨

Piece of Streetwear I Need RN .

Streetwear has always been the one genre in fashion that I have not really had the opportunity to delve into. Sure, I have a Carhartt jacket and a nice sneaker collection, but I am yet to own a full outfit. The reason? It’s just so expensive! When I started blogging around 3 months ago, I figured out that with each wage, I would have to try and salvage 10 outfits for the rest of the month. This is a bit of a bummer because streetwear is actually one of my favourite styles, especially on girls. I think it’s empowering to see females in garms that have been associated with our male counterparts for so long, and the fact that big brands such as: Size? and Aspecto, don’t stock women’s lines at all! With all of this in mind, I decided to torture myself and create a streetwear editorial.

Undercover coach jacket

Undercover coach jacket

Calvin Klein jacket

Calvin Klein jacket

Guizio hoodie

Guizio hoodie

Adidas hoodie

Adidas hoodie

Adidas skirt

Adidas pleated skirt

Mademe skirt

Mademe skirt

Huf hat

Huf hat

A.P.C earrings

A.P.C earrings

Kara tote

Kara tote

Rara socksAxel Arigato sneakers

What I Wore.

I can’t be the only one dragging their broke ass to payday. And as a result, I’m forced to experiment; clashing old (and I mean years old) with semi-old clothes. To be honest, in todays world and fast fashion, anything that you’ve worn more than twice could be considered ready for the charity bag. This is not a belief I share, but on my days off, when I have to prepare my pictures for the coming week, I just sigh, and lust for payday to come quicker. Today (to my disbelief) I surprised myself. First of all I didn’t cry like a hormonal spoilt brat because I ‘didn’t have any clothes’ and secondly, I actually looked quite chic in an outfit that I paid £35 for. It’s funny, because you always hear of people stealing clothes from their older sister, but I have my younger brother. We’ve gotten into so many fights over the years because of my constant attempts to steal and wear his clothes. My response? ‘Sorry Sam but it’s not my fault you’re so stylish’. And still to this day, I wear his garms, here I’m wearing his oversized leather jacket from Zara. Forever grateful that grew up with someone who showed me the extravagant and at times bizarre world of fashion.

Version 2Version 2IMG_2507


Witching Hour

Even though Halloween is at the other end of this year, I thought now was a good time to share this editorial with you. Although yesterday marked the beginning of Spring, I gaze out of the library window whilst writing this and as the rain softly rasps against the icy glass, it doesn’t feel like Spring at all. Unfortunately for me, the seasons in England tend to merge into one and before you know it, it’s Christmas eve and you only saw the sun once. In light of this, I don’t think I could have picked a better time to showcase my love for the dark and sleek aesthetic that is often associated with, modern day witches.

In my childhood years I was obsessed with the cartoon: Sabrina the Teenage witch and when I got a little older I watched the live action series. Roald Dahl’s: Witches, AHS: Coven, Shakespeare’s: Macbeth, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Hocus Pocus, the Craft. I could recite a page-long list of films and TV shows I have watched with magic motifs and It’s no surprise that Halloween is my favourite time of year.

It’s only now, that I look back, I see why I was so attracted to this theme which was fuellled and inspired by powerful women. Being proud of my independant nature and often surprising others with my oozing inabition and constant efforts to succeed, the puzzle unravels itself. It’s unsurprising that I watched these films/programmes and shaped myself on the heronies and anti-heros who possessed powerful, firm and moral attribuits.

To reflect on a brutal history, women who were considered as Witches were sentenced to death. It seems that scared men did what they do best in times of fear, kill – (not much has changed). But the legacy these women left behind was one of empowerment and strength in unity, and during periods in more recent history the symbol of the witch has been revived time and time again, conveying female emancipation and strength.

Fedora from Reiss

Complete any Coven inspired look with a fedora. Fedora, Reiss

Le Specs

Forget Salem, you don’t need a cat when you can channel your inner spirt animal through these super cool, extreme cut cat-eyed shades. Glasses, Le Specs

Coat by Alexander McQueen

Beautifully tailored single breasted wool and cashmere blend coat. Coat, Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

Another fine piece of tailoring from McQueen. Blazer, Alexander McQueen.

rick owens cape

A cape is needed to concel your broom and wand. Cape, Rick Owens

Blouse from Mango

The frills and the bow tie is what made this blouse make the edit. I would pair this with some high-waisted black trousers for the more relaxing of the witching hours. Blouse, Mango

Paperbag Trousers from River Island

Black trousers should be a staple piece in any wardrobe. Trousers, River Island

Kamali Dress by Norma

I love the simplicity of this slip dress and would wear it over a white blouse. Dress, Norma

Mark Cross Grace Large pebbleleather Box Bag

Box bag, Mark Cross

Erdem pin

Brooch, Erdem

  I adore these adorable pins from Etsy. Make any outfit a little more fun by adding them to your lapel or as a bag accessory.

Tiffany Soleste by Tiffany & Co.

This ring entices me. From the HUGE stone encased in the middle to the beads of diamonds wound it. This is a rainy day purchase (or would be if you had 8k to dispose of) Ring, Tiffany & Co.

Crystal Embellishest Moon & Star Earrings by Etro.

I adore these chain drop earrings with solar motifs by Etro. Embellished with crystals, what is there not to want. Earrings, Etro.

MatteMouiselle by Fenty Beauty

Nothing asserts importance or instils fear quite like a vivid red lipstick. Think: Malificent, Fiona Goode or Ursula. Lipstick, Fenty Beauty

Victorina 100 Suede Pumps Christian Louboutin

I adore this menacing looking suede pumps by Louboutin. I think they vibe out the same sexiness that the classical pumps do with a ominous aura. Stilettos , Christian Louboutin

Gianvito Rossi

Pumps, Gianvito Rossi

Event Satin Mules by Stuart Weitzman

Wear with a day dress and socks or with a beautiful evening gown. And they come in my favourite colour: black! Stilettos, Stuart Weitzman

What I Wore.

It’s getting to that point in the month when my outfit choices are beginning to feel sparse. I look in my wardrobe, complete with empty expression and sigh.

‘ I have nothing to wear.’

I wish I could recollect the (most probably) thousands of times I had said that before. To a fashion addict, these words are almost a mantra, a negative one at that but a mantra all the same. Probing and searching for my inner creative, I take out half of my wardrobe. Lay it on my bed and start throwing clothes together. This is what brought me to wearing this ensemble. I’m wearing a T.M Lewin shirt (the quality is honestly unbeatable), a Superdry dress, which I got as part of my work uniform when I worked there last year, a Superdry suede jacket (biggest bargain of my life) and the cutest checked sling backs from Mango. See the full outfit details below and comment if you like!




Outfit Details:

Shirt: T.M. Lewin, £39.95

Dress: Superdry, £59.99

Belt, Primark, £3

Jacket, Superdry, £41.99 (SALE, RRP £175)

Shoes, Mango, £24.99 (SALE, RRP £54.99)

Never Look back, It’s All Ahead: an MSGM Vision.

Being new to critiquing fashion, my first encounter with luxury Italian brand MSGM, was sat at my glass Ikea table, scrolling through their Men’s Autumn/Winter18 show in January. From the offset, the designers ability to create clean cut garments that resonate with these metropolitan times, radiated from the collection. In an era where streetwear and the need for original and authentic garments is on the up, MSGM is a brand that can cater for the ever consuming mouths of generation Z.

Established in 2009 by the houses creative director Massimo Giorgetti and Italian fashion company the Paoloni Group. The Paoloni Group specialize in bespoke pieces of fine tailoring. In light of this it makes sense as to why they would create an additional label who’s song is purely one of freedom with a contemporary edge. Giorgetti designs for both the men’s and women’s collections and his innovative, artistic direction emanates throughout. MSGM is a voice to those who want their clothes to speak before they do, it’s an expression and a freelance form of communication.

Seasons: Past and Present.

Pre-Fall 2014

Psychedelic prints and duplicating graphic images are synonymous to the house and not a season goes by when this isn’t used to the fullest of its potential. Take the smudged red lips of Pre-fall 2014, which covered a white satin coat. Or the similarly designed, electric blue eye, in watercolour effect which decorates the front of a white vinyl skirt, accompanied by the distorted word: love.

Fall/Winter 2014

Next we delve into the dim world of Fall/Winter 14′. As a continuation of motifs featured in the pre-fall collection, this seasons key themes lied within using facial graphic images and more aptly fitting to the season: botanicals in murky, yet, vibrant colours.

Spring/Summer Resort 2015

One of my favourite seasons has to be the Resort Spring/Summer 15′ collection, where bold geometric prints ruled and were crafted with an urban practicality. Aside from the perfectly styled, wind-blown hair, the collection as a whole connotes the city girl who wants to exercise, both, her feminine side and her want to don current/on trend streetwear. I adore the relaxed silhouettes conveyed and the versatile nature of the four styles provided.

Spring/Summer 2015

In continuation with the resort collection, defiant geometric prints could be found in the SS15 collection. Instead of random shapes, regularity was found in the form of bird prints. This motif resonated throughout the collection and I admire the feathered accents on jacket pockets and strappy sandals alike.


Spring/Summer Resort 2016

After scouring through the brands archives, I reached a piece that I imminently fell in love with. This abstract cami that is composed of various strands of fabric, contrasting in colour and texture, it is a spring vision. Asymmetrical in nature, the left side of the garment drapes in pleats of deep green and black. This has earned a spot on my fashion hit list – the items I will buy when I am rich enough. (lol)

ss resort 16

My favourite piece EVER designed by MSGM. A thing of true beauty – uncompromising in strength of design and attention to detail.

Spring/Summer 2016

Spring Summer of 2016 sang a different song. Arbitrary prints replaced with bold block colours and chainmail detailing ran throughout.


The houses first evening wear collection was debuted in 2017. The collection consists of refined dinner dresses with attitude. It’s a line for fashionable youngsters who dare to break the traditional rules of dinner-wear.

Spring/Summer Resort 2017

Spring/Summer Resort 2017 really depicts the consumers boom in purchasing athleisure. This contrasting two piece which features graphic illustrations of a skateboarder, is an excellent example of the consumers habits. The box bag that is still very much on trend today is also featured in the collection.

Pre-Fall 2017



For the Spring of 2018, MSGM, replicated the same tenacious beauty through another evening-wear collection. The most notable was a lemon gown, alive with free-flowing ruffles and a pretty tiered mini dress, cinched at the wait with an embellished red heart.


Spring/Summer Resort 2018

Staying true to the houses synonymous use of audacious prints, Giorgetti creatively renews the classic trench in a hyper-tropical print.


Pre-Fall 2018

Undoubtedly another favourite of mine. This matching beige co-ord is bewitching. I cannot stop gazing at it’s magnificence and honestly, I’m struggling to articulate the words to express how much admiration I have for this piece.


Fall/Winter 2018

Most recently, during Milan Fashion Week, MSGM presented their current Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Bold prints juxtaposed with plain patent leather ensembles and have you seen the matching pyjama sets? Below are the pieces I would snap up in a second, given the chance. From when the brand began till now, versatility and personality is undeniably at the brands core and it’s mission statement is being fulfilled with each new season.


What I Wore.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a day off, dressing up is part of my ‘day off rituals’. Probably because 9-5 jobs are so drab. I work in a suit shop, and although I own some nice blouses and trousers, there isn’t too much room to let ones fabulous self flourish. To me, clothes are the first impression, they signify and of course exude a speck of the true you to the outside world. With this perception in mind it makes sense that I curate my outfits daily, being the most extra version of myself. Of course, with this comes good and bad press. I’ve had some beautiful comments from people that either get it or simply just appreciate me being myself and having fun with it. On the flip side or the Upside Down, the general public and their comments have spanned from confused and vacant stares to someone actually asking me ‘what the fuck?’ I was wearing (which just makes me lol).
Black being one of my favoured shades to dress in (especially when I’ve been sleep eating or super bloated(double brackets because, yes. Sleep eating is a thing, I’m not proud of waking up at 3am, devouring half a packet of Maryland’s cookies. Only to wake up in the morning with no recollection but a half empty packet and a stomach full of regret), this outfit is an expression of: chic girl in the city. Through wearing my sheer black blouse which has polkadot detailing, mostly on the arms, I exaggerate and draw attention to my tights. And though the PVC skirt trench is rapidly dwindling, I make use of mine by fixing the overlapping blouse and skirt under a semi-large waist belt. Waist belts have become my go-to accessories because of the flattering effect they have on my figure. This is also definitely the reason I always choose a mini skirt, because it lengthens the legs and a chunky blocked heel, like the slingbacks I am wearing, transform the legs into skinnier renditions of themselves. Completing the outfit with my self-embellished fedora and Zara panel mac, I am ready for the day. It’s funny because I have done as little as possible today but felt like a queen non the less.

Outfit details.

Fedora: £15, Afflecks Palace

Blouse: £15.99, Zara – SALE

Skirt: £3, Primark – SALE

Belt: £3, Primark

Tights: £3, Primark

Shoes: £10, Primark

Coat: £49.99, Zara – SALE.

Paris Fashion Week: Sculpt me Pretty.

Sculptural garments were a thing of beauty at many of the pristine shows during Paris fashion week. The most notable: Balenciaga, Thom Brown, Givenchy and Saint Laurent. I will begin with Balenciaga. Renowned in for his contemporary, barrier-breaking designs, Cristobal Balenciaga was named a ‘Master’ of Haute Couture by non-other than Christian Dior himself. For the mid-twentieth century, many of Balenciaga’s designs were, at times, almost too contemporary for even his most loyal of clients. Today, Balenciaga is hot press and anyone who is anyone (and even the nobodies) know of Balenciaga; be it by the razor-sharp knife sock boots or the (at the time) infamous sack dress. With Demna Gvasalia, at present, creative director of the house, each show is widely anticipated. Structural pieces which took the forms of suit jackets and coats could be viewed as part of both the female and male collections. These pieces undoubtedly nodded towards the house history and synonymously gravitated and cinched at the waist and bulging at the hips. The effect was an exaggerated hour-glass figure and the result: fine pieces of tailoring with a contemporary edge.

Another designer who flaunted their ability to produce high-fashion garments with a sculpturally abstract flare was Thom Browne. Globally renowned for his constant attempts to push fashion is Mr Browne. Finding global fame when Michelle Obama asked him to design a coat for her husband’s inauguration, and since then, his success has only triumphed. My first talking point has to be those culottes. Made from (what one could only assume) two hoops of crinoline, the gigantic grey trousers must have spanned at least a meter wide on each leg. The torso: a smart blazer and matching tie with a sensible beige overcoat. Another notable design was the grey tweed dress which was nothing out of the norm until you reached the skirt: of which resembled a naked female body. To me, the collection was a celebration of the body and textures in which we use to amplify the beauty of such.

Givenchy is next on my hit list and it is at the expense of two dresses. For the finale of Givenchy’s AW18 show, two dresses were the real show stoppers. Waves and pleats of galactic purple took the form of a three-tiered midi dress. The fabric secured around the model’s neck and the way it curled at the edges and the perfect nature of the ruffles reminded me of a sacred creature you would only find in the deepest depths of the ocean. The final piece to be shown was a similar dress in jet black and shortened the length to a mini dress. I am struggling to find the words to specify the, perhaps, enchantment and magic that surrounds these two designs.

I also want to talk about those little black dresses from Anthony Vaccarello’s AW collection at Saint Laurent. During the latter part of the moody show, Vaccarello presented a variety of designs that conveyed structural strength. My favourite was an off the shoulder number which sported a sweetheart neckline. Pouring from one of the bosoms is two waves of clear-cut fabric, making pretty ruffles towards the hem of the dress.

Abstract form and fantasy costume would not have the place it has in fashion today without visionary: Rei Kawakubo. Founder of Comme De Garcons, this modernist designer continues to shatter pre-assumed notions and progressively challenges attitudes to beauty, fashion and culture in the world we live in today through her avant-garde, futuristic and very contemporary designs. For AW, audiences were treated to a slashed jumper featuring Betty Boop on top of an inflated lilac dress. I think the visuals speak for themselves.

Comme De GarconsComme De GarconsComme De Garcons